WebEx vs Skype – an overview of the best web conferencing software

The office is doing away with its traditional mantle of rigidity and businesses are spreading their tentacles all across the globe and all these are being made possible by the web conferencing soft ware’s available to the business consumer that makes connecting across distances easy and resourceful. We can say webex and skype help small business customers and we are going to look at the two from this angle.

Both of them when pitted against each other stack up nicely providing advanced collaborative features such as file sharing, video audio conferencing with phone based user support and hardware-agnostic browser based interfaces. WebEx better for business conferencing and Skype for accessible conferencing, however it is the users who need to determine which one is preferable and will outdo the other.


WebEx vs Skype

WebEx has millions of users and a long line of experience it is a popular web conferencing solution by cisco. It is priced at 49 dollars a month offers a crisp interface and does not require plug-ins add-ons and applications and shares screens, videos and up to six video conferencing feeds without muddling up. It is affordable, has a host of other services and comes with mobile support too. This has made it acquire a firm foothold as the best in web conferencing.

Skype is a name to reckon with except for a few glitches it had in the past, it constantly has to renew and raise the bar to keep up with its competitors. Skype has enhanced features like HD video calling conference video calls with up to 5 participants and a audio with greater clarity called Silk. It makes for a better voice and video calling. It offers phone card like calling with skype to go feature, screen sharing, WiFi access and engaging features like Skype prime which gives lessons on anything from languages to relationships. It also has Mac and Linux versions. HdTv’s also come with Skype video calling features now and it goes to say Skype is trying retain its title of the giant with endless possibilities.

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