Vodburner for Skype on Windows Reviews

Vodburner can be installed in Windows 7, 8 and 10. However, this software cannot work with Modern UI, but this does not mean that it cannot be useful. This software makes it so easy to record Skype conversations. Vodburner has been very widely used to record Skype videos, and that is not all, editing the recordings is easy as well. This particular software is durable for only 14 days and there after all these features expire. In this duration of time, the users can record and edit their conversations without any limitation.

However, it is very advisable to take advantage of this free period, you should start thinking of how to pay for the other package. The good thing about these features is that they are for free, and we all love free things, right? This really saves the budget. After expiring one can record phone calls and edit them as well. It also can have its limits as well because all these features are exclusively for vodburner for Windows users only. For you to get more than 14 days of usage, you have to pay and get the premium version which has no limitations at all. Once you get vodburner, recording will be so easy and fast. Want to talk with family and friends? Here is an easy start! For a first timer, they will navigate through it in the easiest way. It will be easy to install once you follow the proper procedures. In the case of any difficulty, you can always reboot the computer. Friends and families all over the world have been found to enjoy this software.

On a daily basis. Vodburner for Windows has been estimated that close to 100,000 people across the globe enjoy its services. One can also enjoy the group chats as well. Recently after Windows 10 was launched, the software upgraded as well. This also means that many of its features are of high quality. Sometimes free things come with lots of setbacks. I guarantee you that I have frequently used this software, and I have really enjoyed its services.

This software comes with many features and added advantages. It’s easy and quick to install for all users.

Features of Vodburner for Windows

  1. Vodburner records Skype video calls. These conversations are recorded and saved directly to the hard drive so that they can be used for future references.
  2. Once a conversation has been detected, the Skype recorder immediately starts recording. There is no limitation with the time that you can use to record the videos.
  3. The videos are of very high quality because of the high resolution and pixels of the software. You get videos that are so clear.
  4. The entire tools are seen on the taskbar. This will enable the user not to be stranded.
  5. You feel like the video lacks something “spicy”? It can easily be edited however you want it. From there you can choose to share the video without any error. The camera being used can be changed at any angle.
  6. The user can control and adjust the light of the video made. Nobody wants optical problems. So if you might find that the resolution is too high? Feel free to adjust it.
  7. One can edit the videos and add the texts at the end. Texts can also be added at the bottom of the video in case that video is not audible enough. There is always an option of a user to upload the recordings online once the editing has been done. The recorded Skype call can also be privatized.

How to Use Vodburner for Windows

  1. Download vodburner for Windows once you have access to the internet. Enter all the necessary details. This includes the first name, last name and the email address as well.
  2. Click the download button and follow all the instructions on the screen for installation purposes.
  3. Click the message reading allow access at the top right-hand side of the window of the main Skype software, click the button in order to allow vodburner to connect to Skype.
  4. If the button is not visible, go to the advanced options. Tools, options then advanced. At the bottom of the page, you can click manage other programs to access Skype option.
  5. Click on the vodbuner option if it shows up but if not one can reboot the PC and start again. Most likely it will show.
  6. For access to change permissions click the change button.
  7. If the security software comes up, disable the Skype. A visible vodburner will be indicated. Hence from there the video can be recorded swiftly by the user. From there one can click start or stop at their convenience.
  8. If you click the pause button, the recording shall stop, and the same file shall continue to record if resumed. However, if you click stop, the recording shall halt, and you will have to start a new recording which will be saved in a different file.
  9. If one does not need to record all the video calls automatically, one can disable immediately. This can be done by disabling automatic call recording feature. Click on the options tab. Then click configure and recording. Below the recording button uncheck the automatic recording check box.
  10. If you want to edit video calls, you can view and edit in the notification. Make the video usable first. From there one can easily view the video. One can edit the video however they want it to be displayed.

In case, of any problems, just reboot your computer.

This software has so many advantages as has been discussed earlier. It is free and durable for 14 days allowing you to assess whether you will need it or not. The Skype recording starts as soon as Skype conversations begin, only when you have set it to record calls automatically. Pausing can also be an option and after that, you can resume recording all the conversation. A watermark will be left on the video call. This can be avoided one you pay the required money.


This software is one of the best, however, it has its limitations as well. It is one of the best Skype Call Recorder for Windows.

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