Supertintin for Skype Reviews

Supertintin for Skype is one of the tools for recording Skype calls that is widely used by individuals all over the world. It has brought closure to people living in worlds apart. It is of very high quality that is why most users highly prefer it. After the conversation has been recorded during a video calls, the users can upload the videos on the internet for other people to view, and these channels can be Vimeo or YouTube. This software has made it so easy to hold Skype interviews, lessons, podcasts, and any other activities online and the pictures are of high resolutions. When you want to hold an online interview, supertintin is the Skype Call recorder to use. People who use online video blogs have preferred this software as well. We all know that very many individuals earn their money online through videos; well this is one of the easiest ways to do so! It is also simple to use as well. The other thing about recording Skype calls is that you can resize the pictures to your preference. You can resize the picture while recording the calls. It is available in Windows XP, WINDOWS Vista, WIN and other Windows computers as well. Once you download Skype, then install this software, prepare yourself to have a fun time online. Of course, keeping in mind that the internet has to be fast! Better yet, if you have any issue with the software you can always seek help, and the issue will be quickly sorted out!

Features of Supertintin

  • It is very easy to use and save the Skype recordings after the conversation has ended. The file can be stored in mp4 format for future references. The conversation can also be saved to the computer’s hard drive and even on a personal USB cable, a flash disk or external hard drive. This will make people manage to record Skype interviews easily and rewatch at their own time. One is also free to share the Skype conversations or keep them private.
  • It is very easy to use and fast as well. You will find yourself replaying the recordings once you have managed to save the files. Many users have enjoyed these services and have repeatedly used Supertintin for Window software to record Skype calls with family and friends.
  • The video recordings are clear, and you get a good time watching them. You can edit the videos as well; that is how good this software is. Awesome isn’t it? The video quality cannot be affected if the video is resized, closed or even opened while recording the conversation. Sometimes you may find that while recording the conversation there might be so much buffering of the videos. This software creates clear images.
  • This software can be able to record video and audio Skype calls as well. It is not restricted to a single call mode. Video streams such as screen sharing, videos, and Skype voice mail are among the features that you get with Supertintin for Windows. When the user is recording video, it can be Picture in picture and side by side as well or remote only and local only mode, you have the freedom of choosing what is good for you.

Steps for downloading and recording Skype calls with Supertintin

  1. Install Skype on your Windows then download the Supertintin for Skype software.
  2. Launch Skype by capturing screen on the main windows. Open select capture area list and choose presets. If you want to record in full screen you can adjust it even while recording the video. This is what you will get after downloading the software
  3. When you want to start recording the video, click the recording button. While recording, you can start, pause or stop. One can resume recording after pausing. For Pause use F9 and click F10 to stop.
  4. After recording Skype calls you can choose the fragment which is suitable for the video at hand. The triangular markers will isolate the fragment in the video.
  5. Before recording a video call, you can select the change option to find the most suitable way to record your video as shown below
  6. After you are done with everything, you can save the video in mp4 format. Open the Save As icon then save the conversation.


  1. This is one of the easiest Skype Recorder for Windows that anyone can ever use. It does not require lots of effort to work with it. This is what makes using supertintin to record your Skype calls enjoyable.
  2. Recording can either be in audio or video form. Not everyone can be comfortable with making videos, so there is another audio option. In both cases, the recordings will be very clear. That is why people would upload their videos online and share.
  3.    Recording gives the user the start, pause and stop option. This will enable the users to control their conversations. The good thing about this is that there will be no data loss
  4. The pictures can be resized even while holding Skype conversation. You might find that the image might appear small; well you have the option to make it big or small.
  5. Downloading this Skype call recording is free at no extra cost.


  • The software may at times have hitches, and this may call for patience. Sometimes your PC will hang leaving you with the rebooting option. This is a major concern for most people using this software; most people would want software which is efficient and has a good user interface.

Well, there you have it, one of the easiest and fun ways to hold an online conversation while recording it is now at hand. it is fun and easy to use and more to that, you can save all the good time that you have had with family and friends to watch every time you miss them. It is just one click away. Try it!

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