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Polycom vs Skype

Polycom and Skype are both major players in the world of teleconferencing and have become rather popular with business owners. Most consumers know Skype as a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends. What they don’t know is that Skype is becoming a world leader in business teleconferencing technology. Polycom has been around for over 20 years providing both conference room and now mobile teleconferencing technology for organizations needing great business solutions in these areas. When comparing the two products Polycom vs Skype; which one provides the greater value depends on whose asking.

Polycom Real Web Presence Mobile

Imagine being in need of a major surgical procedure in Atlanta and the only specialist knowledgeable enough to perform

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WebEx vs Skype – an overview of the best web conferencing software

The office is doing away with its traditional mantle of rigidity and businesses are spreading their tentacles all across the globe and all these are being made possible by the web conferencing soft ware’s available to the business consumer that makes connecting across distances easy and resourceful. We can say webex and skype help small business customers and we are going to look at the two from this angle.

Both of them when pitted against each other stack up nicely providing advanced collaborative features such as file sharing, video audio conferencing with phone based user support and hardware-agnostic browser based interfaces. WebEx better for business conferencing and Skype for accessible conferencing, however it is the users who need to determine …

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Skype VS ooVoo with Free Group Video Calling

Skype Alternatives has already investigated many Skype Alternatives for free calls and many does not come close to ooVoo, a brand new instant messaging client designed by ooVoo LLC for numerous OSes used by many. (Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X, Android and iOS)

Skype Alternatives noted that users could communicate between each other using ooVoo by manners of instant messaging, voice and video chat; all of them are all very useful. Even those these functions are all available with Skype, Skype Alternatives saw that ooVoo has better picture and video quality available as compared to Skype and has excellent sound quality for it’s free version. This is why it was so good that I chose to switched from Skype to …

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Skype Call FaceFlow Claims to be a Skype Killer

Skype Call FaceFlow identified the fact that in recent times, there have been a plethora of Video Calling Applications swarming the market which all have the infamous name of being “Skype Clones”. However, most, if not all of these programs hold a certain advantage over Skype; distinguishing themselves from the competition. Today, we will be talking about FaceFlow, a brand new video calling program tailored to each person’s needs, founded by Dany Pellatier, an aspiring entrepreneur. As such with other video calling business models, its basic backbone would naturally consist of the traditional 2 ways video calls, allowing you and another person to talk face to face. Skype Alternatives tried and tested the program and found it to be excellent …

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