Skype Call FaceFlow Claims to be a Skype Killer

Skype Call FaceFlow identified the fact that in recent times, there have been a plethora of Video Calling Applications swarming the market which all have the infamous name of being “Skype Clones”. However, most, if not all of these programs hold a certain advantage over Skype; distinguishing themselves from the competition. Today, we will be talking about FaceFlow, a brand new video calling program tailored to each person’s needs, founded by Dany Pellatier, an aspiring entrepreneur. As such with other video calling business models, its basic backbone would naturally consist of the traditional 2 ways video calls, allowing you and another person to talk face to face. Skype Alternatives tried and tested the program and found it to be excellent compared to Skype. The videos are smooth and beautiful, the sounds clear and crisp and the application easy and simple. You can add your friends, family or clients to your FaceFlow Contacts and whenever they are on-line, you could just click their names and talk to them.

There is also a message box to your right, where you could input messages to them if you do not have a webcam with you. It is very, very simple. And simplicity in this case is not disadvantageous to users at all. The elderlies who is just getting the hang of the Internet would not find this a hassle at all and thus you could reminisce with them whenever, wherever you are.


Skype Alternatives Faceflow has Simplistic Design

Another advantage that Skype Alternatives has observed is that FaceFlow has over other video calling companies is its new 4 way chat. This function would allow up to 4 people to chat to each other at once simultaneously. This is certainly an added plus over the other programs and would make it easier for meetings or discussions to take place. Additionally,  Skype Alternatives could see that their four way chat is also quite lag-less. This exciting function would also include a chat box on your left (as with the 2 person video calling), allowing you to convey messages that you could not on screen, no matter what is the message. You could also stop the conversation if you are stepping out; with just one click of a button without disturbing the other 3 who still wants to communicate.


Skype Alternatives FaceFlow offers 4 way video calling

Another advantage Skype Alternatives recognized is that Faceflow has is that you can watch youtube videos with them while chatting. Simply click on the YOUTUBE icon and start enjoying your favorite comedic web series with your friends or share your baby’s birthday with your parents abroad!

The last advantage and the one that Skype Plugins think matter the most is that this program, FaceFlow, is completely web based with no need to install any buggy programs onto your computer. You can just register on their website and login to talk instantly; without any need of a long download process to bore you out. This would mean users would not need to install programs that would eat up your computer storage space; a niggling problem that Skype Alternatives frown upon. That space could be used to storage other more important things such as your Baby’s Videos or a Family Reunion picture.

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