How to record Skype calls with a third party tool like TalkHelper

When it comes to free chats and phone calls, Skype is the leading platform. It offers strong and reliable VoIP services which include a lot of features, such as audio and video calls, group calls and even allows people to talk in their own, native language. But there is one feature which you can’t find and that is Skype call recorder. Despite being a basic, highly useful tool, Skype didn’t implemented any recorder, which opened up the path for developers to come up with a lot of apps and add-ons for this feature.

record Skype calls with TalkHelper

Why would you want to record a Skype call anyway?

Before we dive into the pool of recorders, let’s talk a little about the importance of recording calls. Why would someone want to record Skype calls? There are many reasons why you could be thinking of this, from safety to preserving memories. Depending who you are talking to, you might want to remember what you’ve talked and the best way to do this is to record the call, as your memory might not be reliable. For example, when you have a chat with your boss or business partner, you want to remember exactly what you’ve talked and the only reliable way to do this is to record the call. You can return to it and check the exact words if you have doubts about something.

Secondly, you may want to record a call when talking to a friend who is giving you directions to go to a place or who is showing you his or her latest projects. If you are the proud grandmother or aunt you will want to record the first time you see your little niece or nephew.

There are many more reasons to record Skype calls, but we’re going to stop here and go ahead to see how can you record a call. Other type of calls you should be recording are interviews, podcasts and calls which include specific instructions, especially those which you might want to give to other people.

Get help and record your Skype calls

There are many software and apps which allow you to record your Skype calls and probably the most popular of them all is Free Video Recorder for Skype. This tool is brought to us all for free, by DVDVideoSoft, which is known for their free and easy to use tools, which range from audio-video tools, downloaders and many more.

The first benefit of the Free Video Recorder for Skype is its ease of use; even a beginner can use this Skype call recorder. Then, it is brought by one of the most popular companies which offers free tools, which means a lot of people will know about it and will think about it as their first option when it comes to recording calls on Skype.

The third reason for using Free Video Call Recorder for Skype is the lack of limitations.

How to use TalkHelper Video Call Recorder for Skype

  • To start using the tool you need to download it from the official website and install it. During installation you can choose to install additional tools, if you want to; the software comes with adware tools, which you can choose not to install by clicking the “Custom Installation” option and uncheck the additional tools.
  • After the installation, start the TalkHelper Video Call Recorder for Skype, which will start Skype as well. If you’ve already launched Skype, you will have to restart, so the new tool will be able to function properly. When you have both the recorder and Skype opened, you will see the recording options on the main window. The interface is simple and easy to use, so you won’t have problems finding the recording options.
  • To start recording your Skype call, select which method you want to use by clicking on the burger menu under the “Recording mode”. You can choose to use the Skype call recorder to record only the audio or the entire video, with the audio part as well. Other options refer to which part of the call to record: you can record the other person’s content or both your and their content. Again, you can choose what to record, the video or only the audio.
  • After you’ve selected what you want to record, you can start the actual recording by clicking on the record button – the red dot button. TalkHelper’s Skype Call Recorder allows you to stop the recording by clicking on the stop button at any time.
  • All the calls you’ve recorded will be saved automatically by the computer: to find where the content is being stored you can simply click on “Show in folder” option, like you do with any saved file. This will open the recordings in their folder. You can also change where the recordings are saved by clicking on the Browse and selecting another folder.


How to get the best out of TalkHelper

Apart from simple recording, you can configure the tool to get the best when you record Skype calls. There are many options available, which you can find in the “Tools” menu, under “Options”. Under the Video Audio tab you will find useful options, which allow you to adjust the quality of the recordings. You can modify the bitrate, the resolution and the frame/sample rate depending on your needs.

General settings in TalkHelper

Another great option you have with Free Video Call Recorder for Skype is to automate the recording process. To automatize the recording of your calls, you can click on Tools and select the Autostart. Now, each time when you have a Skype call, the tool will record it automatically. When you end the call, the recording will stop and will be saved to the specific directory.

Note: If you are ready to quit using your regular iPhone recording or recorder by placing it next to the microphone, download a third party recorder and enjoy your free calls.

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