PrettyMay call recorder for Skype

Recording Skype calls is becoming a necessity as the days go by. What many people have never come to terms with is the reason as to why Skype has never considered this feature. People with Windows PC have opted for third party software that enables them to record their Skype conversation. Someone conducting a Skype interview may want to share it with some of the colleagues to determine whether the candidate is legible or not. This is one in the many reasons that may want you to record your Skype conversation.

PrettyMay call recorder for Skype is one of the useful software that enables you to record all your Skype conversation. It comes in three versions which are the basic version, the professional version, and the business version. The basic version is free while the business and the professional version will cost you some money to get. The most expensive version is the business version which has more features than the professional version. The more you pay, the more you get to enjoy more features. Considering that there are a few versions of PrettyMay and still various versions of Skype. It is important to know the Skype version that you are using and the Skype PrettyMay call recorder that would be ideal for you. These are the two most important considerations that you should make.

Features of PrettyMay

  • The three versions allow you to record Skype calls, and Skype conference calls and you can save them in MP3 format and WAV files in separate channels. This is one of the incredible features that cannot be found in most tools for recording Skype calls.
  • The professional and the business version of PrettyMay offer unlimited call duration while the basic version offers 15 minutes only. This is very little time considering that you may be having a Skype call which is prolonged.
  • The three versions offer the Skype answering machine which makes it possible for people calling you when you are not around to get an answer. This is a cool feature that sounds polite to people who may be calling you.
  • PrettyMay for Skype notifies you every time you have a new Skype voice mail via email; this is a good guide to you as you are able to know who tried contacting you even when you are not on Skype.
  • When you are away from Skype, PrettyMay for Skype is able to send automatic chat replies to people who are trying to contact you.
  • This software makes it easy for you to export your recordings to any file that you may be comfortable saving the recordings in.
  • The business and the professional version are the only ones which can save Skype voicemail in MP3 format. The basic version does not give you the pleasure to do that.
  • The business version of the PrettyMay call recorder allows you to send personalized chat replies to specific contacts or a group.
  • The three versions offer a free upgrade for life, this means that you will not have to part with any amount of cash to get an upgrade, and you can enjoy recording all your Skype calls and conversations.
  • With the three versions, you can add memos and easily show recorded memos, this makes it easy for you to remember things fast.

Steps for using PrettyMay

  1. You will have to download Skype if you don’t have it on your computer if you already have Skype, download Prettymay Skype recorder and install it.
  2. Launch the software on your PC; a dialogue box will appear asking how many simultaneous lines you would want, select depending on your preference.
  3. Skype will present to you a dialogue box asking whether you will allow Prettymay access Skype, click okay
  4. Configure you own flow with Prettymay for Skype as shown below, this only happens for people who choose the business version. The basic version does not have this option.
  5. This is what you will get after you are through with all the setup, and you can test to see whether it is functional and if it will serve the purpose of efficiently in recording your Skype conversation.

Advantages of Prettymay for Windows

Though Prettymay for Windows may seem expensive at first, you will realize that it is cost effective because you are not required to pay any extra charges.

Prettymay has so many features that give you an easy time whenever you are recording your Skype calls and video calls, as a matter of fact, most of the features that you get are unique and not found in most of the software around.

Skype business version allows you to carry out business with Skype as it has features that make that possible.

This is one of the easiest software to install on your PC unlike most of the software that gives you a hard time during installation.

Disadvantages of Prettymay

  • The gap between the basic and the business version is too large that people who have the business version are the only ones who get to enjoy all Skype recording abilities that Prettymay offer.
  • Individuals who settle on the basic version may not have a lot to enjoy as most of the interesting features are in versions that are paid for.

Prettymay is a good option for people considering software which can be used to record Skype conversations. The good thing with this software is that it has some features not found in other software. This is what makes makes it tick over the rest of the software.

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