Polycom vs Skype

Polycom and Skype are both major players in the world of teleconferencing and have become rather popular with business owners. Most consumers know Skype as a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends. What they don’t know is that Skype is becoming a world leader in business teleconferencing technology. Polycom has been around for over 20 years providing both conference room and now mobile teleconferencing technology for organizations needing great business solutions in these areas. When comparing the two products Polycom vs Skype; which one provides the greater value depends on whose asking.

Polycom Real Web Presence Mobile

Imagine being in need of a major surgical procedure in Atlanta and the only specialist knowledgeable enough to perform the operation is in California. Now imagine telemedicine software that allows that same specialist to be online walking your doctors through the operation, witnessing each step and guiding them flawlessly through the entire procedure. Now imagine if these same doctors were receiving the information using a mobile device. Believe it or not, this technology already exists and is being used all over the country. This is all thanks to a universal collaboration that has become the communications standard for video teleconferencing. Welcome to Polycom technology. No matter what your business media needs are; Polycom has a software application to support it. On the mobile side, the company offers an app called “Polycom Real Presence Mobile.” The software works by taking the same content sharing and face to face communications and moves it from the conference room to the mobile phone or tablet. This software offers immediate use once you download it. To take it a step further you must register Real Presence on the Polycom Platform. By registering, your app is automatically merged with all of your enterprise telegenic connections. You then have the capability to conduct vast multi-point calls utilizing any device within the network. The users will enjoy reliable and safe video conferencing despite their location. The downside to all the Polycom has to offer are the high prices of the equipment that is needed to go along with the software. The price can easily run over one hundred thousand dollars. While this may be okay for larger businesses; smaller businesses would have to look elsewhere.


Skype Mobile for Business

People who enjoy Skype for their leisure have often wondered how the technology could be used for business. With a free download from skype.com; you can quickly begin using Skype for all of your teleconferencing needs. Skype mobile allows businesses to use many of the same functions that make it great for individual use. Skype Mobile is available for just about every type of mobile phone including; the Android, I-Phone, and the Blackberry. Screen sharing can be used with Skype Mobile as it allows the Conference leader and team members to share presentations. By walking the clients though the presentation as if they were in the same room gives an added touch of professionalism to any business. Although Skype offers some of the same services as Polycom; many of the services are not free but are more cost effective than those of Polycom. Let me explain, in order to use Skype Mobile on your Blackberry or Android you must have a data package which will run you around thirty dollars a month. Calling landlines and mobile phones in the US and Canada costs $2.99 per month. For international business call you can pay $21.99 for unlimited world calling to include China. One of the major drawbacks of using Skype Mobile is that you cannot initiate a group call, but you can be a part of one. Another drawback according to Verizon.com is Skype Mobile’s inability to use file sharing. Overall Skype Mobile is still a great deal for businesses looking for voice over internet protocol services at a nominal fee. Skype provides the business with that and so much more.

When doing a comparison between Polycom vs Skype; Polycom seems to offer the most value added for a large business, but for small business Skype reigns supreme. Skype Mobile still has a long way to go in order to make mobility use for businesses more viable. Polycom has essentially cornered the market with on the go teleconferencing. In a world where everyone is moving at such a fast pace any software application marketed to this demographic must move with them. Although Skype is great if you are sitting in your home office or conference room; they must still pick up the pace for mobile phone use, and you will learn how to record a Skype call with TalkHelper in another article.

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