Evaer for Skype Reviews on Windows

[Updated 7/17]Skype has become a tool that almost everyone has had the opportunity to interact with. It has been able to connect the whole world in a single platform making it possible for people who are far apart from each other meet with a single click. Skype has made the whole world a very small village where meeting does not require any transportation fee. The only thing that Skype has not been able to do is offer the option and the freedom of recording Skype calls. Many people are of the opinion that recording Skype calls and conversation is of importance probably due to the need of recording their memories.

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There are other factors that may influence the need of recording a Skype call and among them is the need of evidence against a person. People are motivated to do some things by different factors. Third party developers have committed to making software that is able to record Skype call, video calls, Skype conference calls etc. one such software is Evaer for windows. This software can be used with Windows XP, Vista, Win8, win 8.1, Win 10 and win 7, making it compatible with most of the windows that are around. It is in a position to record all your Skype calls and videos so easily, enabling you to keep your memories with the decency that they deserve.

With Evaer for Skype, you can only have a free trial of the software for a few days and afterwards required to pay for the license for either the standard one or the professional one. The professional license gives you so many possibilities with Skype recording allowing you to record a wide range of your Skype conversation mode.

Features of Evaer recorder for windows

  • Both the standard and the professional license allow you to have Skype screen sharing sessions. This is a fun feature that most of the tools for windows don’t have.
  • Both versions have a Skype answering machine which makes it easier every time you receive a Skype call and you are around or you are too busy to answer the call.
  • With both versions of Evaer for windows, calls area automatically recorded once you make or receive a Skype call. This makes it easy for the user as you don’t have to go through extra long processes to get your Skype call recorded. This software makes it so easy
  • One of the best features with Evaer for windows that most of the software lack is that there are numerous options for recording Skype video calls, you can choose to record your video calls with picture in picture mode, side by side mode, separate video files, local webcam only or remote webcam only. You will rarely get all these features with any other Skype call recorder.
  • With both versions, you are able to choose the mode that you would want your audio to be in, either stereo or mono mode.
  • Evaer allows you to either record both sides, local sound and remote sound. The choice that you settle for is determined by what has motivated you to record the call in the first place.
  • One of the coolest features with both versions is that you can have the option of either recording the audio and the Skype video separately. This is a unique feature that is not found with most of the Skype recording software.

Steps for recording Skype calls using Evaer for windows

Evaer happens to be easy to use software and after downloading, you only have few steps and you are good to go. These are the steps for you to follow when downloading the software.

  1. Download the Evaer to your PC,
  2. Double click the Evaersetup.exe that you have downloaded.
  3. Click the next button in the window that will appear on your PC. Wait until the installation of the Evaer has finished.
  4. Skype will show a command that asks whether you want Evaer to access Skype, click the allow access button
  5. Evaer will show you the screen shot below after you click the allow button.
  6. Once you are through, you can make a Skype video call and click on the start recording button, alternatively. You can enable automatic recording. With that, you will be able to automatically record Skype calls made in the consequent times automatically.

Shortcomings of Evaer

Evaer happens to be one of the best software for recording Skype calls and video calls due to the quality that you get. The main shortcoming with this software is that it is not for free. The cheaper version has very few features that would allow you to enjoy what a record tool can give you. Evaer professional version is expensive and this has discouraged many people from having this software on their PCs.

Features in the professional license Evaer

This version is a little bit expensive than the standard license. It thus has so more features than what the professional version have.

  • You can exchange the video position during the recording in picture mode. This gives you an edge in decision making with the Skype software. You get to choose how you want to record your Skype video calls.
  • You can switch the video while recording your Skype conversation. I bet this are some of the features that make it a little but expensive as you cannot get such in other software that are freely available.
  • Another feature that will blow your mind off is the fact that you can preview a video while still recording. This is a fun aspect that in this software. Being able to preview a video while still recording gives you the opportunity to see whether the video quality is as you wanted it to be.
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