Call Graph for Skype Reviews – Why I don’t like it

If thinking of downloading, a recording tool for your Skype calls, or recommending a Skype recording software to a friend, do not search any further, your search is over. Think and act in terms of call graph fo Skype, the most selling modern, reliable Skype call recorder. The application will not disappoint you in any way, trust you me. As we know, the issue of recording Skype conversations has become very critical for both private and business aspects of life. The recording details have been used by many people in the corriders of justice, either as a defense or as prosecution evidence.  It is worth mentioning that as much as any Skype is important for making video calls, the shortcoming that most of them have is the inability to record conversations in the form of WAV or Mp3 formats. This is why the use of the Callgraph as the Skype conversations recorder becomes important. It helps in recording the calls and also in indexing them for easy search later.

Features for the CallGraph

Call graph Skype recorder allows you to record both Skype –in, Skype to Skype and Skype out calls, and is able to operate on both automatic and manual modes. The application does not have any limits however. You can be able to record for so long as you desire and as many calls as you want. One just concentrates with communicating with the other person and the software takes care of everything else. Its strength is also seen in the way it is able to support windows 7, windows Vists and windows xp. The most interesting thing about this tool is the fact that it does not have some hidden costs above being very free. Another advantage that comes with the Skype addon is the recording of high quality phone interviews over Skype.  Further to offering quality sound the tool does not contain any adware, malware or spyware .This means that it is threat free, implying that the computer is totally safe right from the point of installation or downloading the application.  For this reasons, the application it is highly to anyone that wishes to record Skype calls.

There are other desirous capabilities about the Skype extra app that are worth mentioning.   This includes its sorting, tagging, filtering and searching capabilities. One can add time coded notes and annotations to the recording of in call graph and look at the recordings’ live statistics. The application has a tool that facilitates filtering out background noise, giving a clear output. These features are rarely seen in other Skype recorders for Windows.

The Procedure for Using call graph in recording Skype Calls

The process of recording the call begins by first installing the callgraph . One does this by first connecting the conversation recording plug in through authorization of callgraph so as to connect it to Skype. As soon as the authorization is complete, a message displays in form of a warning “another application is attempting to access Skype…..Please restart the application”

After this warning, restart Skype and then navigate the mouse pointer to the tools’ option and choose ‘options’. The next step is locating the “advanced “tab and clicking on it and to the option “manage other programs to access the Skype link”. After this, you will see call graph application clearly displayed in the “manage API Control’ window. Click change. With that, click “ok” on the option given ‘”allow the program to use Skype “The presence of the icon ‘Call graph” as below means that the tool bar is very ready to record the conversations.

To test if the program is doing just fine, make some Skype call and press the call graph record button. If set to start, right click on the call graph task bar icon selecting” start recording”. At this point you get a notification telling you no calls are in progress. You can make a call at this point. If you have no one to make a call to, call echo123, this is the Skype test call service. Once the call is connected, you will be able to have a call saying that the call recording has started.  If it is okay, the recording has to start immediately.

To stop recording, you simply press stop recording. Immediately the call ends, the application will again tell you that the recording has been completed, together with the file name where it has been saved as illustrated below. You can go ahead and click that link, you will be able to see your calls record. If you want to play it back, click on it and your default mp3 player will be launched enabling you to listen to your recording.

Every call you record will make and is recorded will end up in the search dialog. You can open it any time by double clicking the call graph task bar icon. Below each call, there is an option to manage the call record. You have the option to rename it, delete the file or edit the tags. It is good to highlight that by default, each call you make is tagged by the contact name


In conclusion, the application offers its users with a wide range of benefits. Unlike other recording tools, it offers a simpler interface and it is easily managed. It has the searching, sorting, tagging and filtering capabilities; aspects that allow the tool give quality recordings and voice. Despite all these advantages that comes with the application, it is simplest to manage, you don’t pay anything to have it and most flexible to meet your recording needs. All these features make the application the most accessible, affordable, and most importantly best serving Skype recorder. I strongly recommend call graph Skype recorder for any quality, convenient and appealing, reliable and flexible Skype recordings. Anyone looking for such needs need not to go further in the search, call graph recorder is the way to go.

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