How to record Skype calls with a third party tool like TalkHelper

When it comes to free chats and phone calls, Skype is the leading platform. It offers strong and reliable VoIP services which include a lot of features, such as audio and video calls, group calls and even allows people to talk in their own, native language. But there is one feature which you can’t find and that is Skype call recorder. Despite being a basic, highly useful tool, Skype didn’t implemented any recorder, which opened up the path for developers to come up with a lot of apps and add-ons for this feature.

record Skype calls with TalkHelper

Why would you want to record a Skype call anyway?

Before we dive into the pool of recorders, let’s talk a little about the importance of recording calls. Why would someone want to record Skype calls? There are many reasons why you could be thinking of this, from safety to preserving memories. Depending who you are talking to, you might want to remember what you’ve talked and the best way to do this is to record the call, as your memory might not be reliable. For example, when you have a chat with your boss or business partner, you want to remember exactly what you’ve talked and the only reliable way to do this is to record the call. You can return to it and check the exact words if you have doubts about something.

Secondly, you may want to record a call when talking to a friend who is giving you directions to go to a place or who is showing you his or her latest projects. If you are the proud grandmother or aunt you will want to record the first time you see your little niece or nephew.

There are many more reasons to record Skype calls, but we’re going to stop here and go ahead to see how can you record a call. Other type of calls you should be recording are interviews, podcasts and calls which include specific instructions, especially those which you might want to give to other people.

Get help and record your Skype calls

There are many software and apps which allow you to record your Skype calls and probably the most popular of them all is Free Video Recorder for Skype. This tool is brought to us all for free, by DVDVideoSoft, which is known for their free and easy to use tools, which range from audio-video tools, downloaders and many more.

The first benefit of the Free Video Recorder for Skype is its ease of use; even a beginner can use this Skype call recorder. Then, it is brought by one of the most popular companies which offers free tools, which means a lot of people will know about it and will think about it as their first option when it comes to recording calls on Skype.

The third reason for using Free Video Call Recorder for Skype is the lack of limitations.

How to use TalkHelper Video Call Recorder for Skype

  • To start using the tool you need to download it from the official website and install it. During installation you can choose to install additional tools, if you want to; the software comes with adware tools, which you can choose not to install by clicking the “Custom Installation” option and uncheck the additional tools.
  • After the installation, start the TalkHelper Video Call Recorder for Skype, which will start Skype as well. If you’ve already launched Skype, you will have to restart, so the new tool will be able to function properly. When you have both the recorder and Skype opened, you will see the recording options on the main window. The interface is simple and easy to use, so you won’t have problems finding the recording options.
  • To start recording your Skype call, select which method you want to use by clicking on the burger menu under the “Recording mode”. You can choose to use the Skype call recorder to record only the audio or the entire video, with the audio part as well. Other options refer to which part of the call to record: you can record the other person’s content or both your and their content. Again, you can choose what to record, the video or only the audio.
  • After you’ve selected what you want to record, you can start the actual recording by clicking on the record button – the red dot button. TalkHelper’s Skype Call Recorder allows you to stop the recording by clicking on the stop button at any time.
  • All the calls you’ve recorded will be saved automatically by the computer: to find where the content is being stored you can simply click on “Show in folder” option, like you do with any saved file. This will open the recordings in their folder. You can also change where the recordings are saved by clicking on the Browse and selecting another folder.


How to get the best out of TalkHelper

Apart from simple recording, you can configure the tool to get the best when you record Skype calls. There are many options available, which you can find in the “Tools” menu, under “Options”. Under the Video Audio tab you will find useful options, which allow you to adjust the quality of the recordings. You can modify the bitrate, the resolution and the frame/sample rate depending on your needs.

General settings in TalkHelper

Another great option you have with Free Video Call Recorder for Skype is to automate the recording process. To automatize the recording of your calls, you can click on Tools and select the Autostart. Now, each time when you have a Skype call, the tool will record it automatically. When you end the call, the recording will stop and will be saved to the specific directory.

Note: If you are ready to quit using your regular iPhone recording or recorder by placing it next to the microphone, download a third party recorder and enjoy your free calls.

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Polycom vs Skype

Polycom and Skype are both major players in the world of teleconferencing and have become rather popular with business owners. Most consumers know Skype as a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends. What they don’t know is that Skype is becoming a world leader in business teleconferencing technology. Polycom has been around for over 20 years providing both conference room and now mobile teleconferencing technology for organizations needing great business solutions in these areas. When comparing the two products Polycom vs Skype; which one provides the greater value depends on whose asking.

Polycom Real Web Presence Mobile

Imagine being in need of a major surgical procedure in Atlanta and the only specialist knowledgeable enough to perform the operation is in California. Now imagine telemedicine software that allows that same specialist to be online walking your doctors through the operation, witnessing each step and guiding them flawlessly through the entire procedure. Now imagine if these same doctors were receiving the information using a mobile device. Believe it or not, this technology already exists and is being used all over the country. This is all thanks to a universal collaboration that has become the communications standard for video teleconferencing. Welcome to Polycom technology. No matter what your business media needs are; Polycom has a software application to support it. On the mobile side, the company offers an app called “Polycom Real Presence Mobile.” The software works by taking the same content sharing and face to face communications and moves it from the conference room to the mobile phone or tablet. This software offers immediate use once you download it. To take it a step further you must register Real Presence on the Polycom Platform. By registering, your app is automatically merged with all of your enterprise telegenic connections. You then have the capability to conduct vast multi-point calls utilizing any device within the network. The users will enjoy reliable and safe video conferencing despite their location. The downside to all the Polycom has to offer are the high prices of the equipment that is needed to go along with the software. The price can easily run over one hundred thousand dollars. While this may be okay for larger businesses; smaller businesses would have to look elsewhere.


Skype Mobile for Business

People who enjoy Skype for their leisure have often wondered how the technology could be used for business. With a free download from; you can quickly begin using Skype for all of your teleconferencing needs. Skype mobile allows businesses to use many of the same functions that make it great for individual use. Skype Mobile is available for just about every type of mobile phone including; the Android, I-Phone, and the Blackberry. Screen sharing can be used with Skype Mobile as it allows the Conference leader and team members to share presentations. By walking the clients though the presentation as if they were in the same room gives an added touch of professionalism to any business. Although Skype offers some of the same services as Polycom; many of the services are not free but are more cost effective than those of Polycom. Let me explain, in order to use Skype Mobile on your Blackberry or Android you must have a data package which will run you around thirty dollars a month. Calling landlines and mobile phones in the US and Canada costs $2.99 per month. For international business call you can pay $21.99 for unlimited world calling to include China. One of the major drawbacks of using Skype Mobile is that you cannot initiate a group call, but you can be a part of one. Another drawback according to is Skype Mobile’s inability to use file sharing. Overall Skype Mobile is still a great deal for businesses looking for voice over internet protocol services at a nominal fee. Skype provides the business with that and so much more.

When doing a comparison between Polycom vs Skype; Polycom seems to offer the most value added for a large business, but for small business Skype reigns supreme. Skype Mobile still has a long way to go in order to make mobility use for businesses more viable. Polycom has essentially cornered the market with on the go teleconferencing. In a world where everyone is moving at such a fast pace any software application marketed to this demographic must move with them. Although Skype is great if you are sitting in your home office or conference room; they must still pick up the pace for mobile phone use, and you will learn how to record a Skype call with TalkHelper in another article.

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WebEx vs Skype – an overview of the best web conferencing software

The office is doing away with its traditional mantle of rigidity and businesses are spreading their tentacles all across the globe and all these are being made possible by the web conferencing soft ware’s available to the business consumer that makes connecting across distances easy and resourceful. We can say webex and skype help small business customers and we are going to look at the two from this angle.

Both of them when pitted against each other stack up nicely providing advanced collaborative features such as file sharing, video audio conferencing with phone based user support and hardware-agnostic browser based interfaces. WebEx better for business conferencing and Skype for accessible conferencing, however it is the users who need to determine which one is preferable and will outdo the other.


WebEx vs Skype

WebEx has millions of users and a long line of experience it is a popular web conferencing solution by cisco. It is priced at 49 dollars a month offers a crisp interface and does not require plug-ins add-ons and applications and shares screens, videos and up to six video conferencing feeds without muddling up. It is affordable, has a host of other services and comes with mobile support too. This has made it acquire a firm foothold as the best in web conferencing.

Skype is a name to reckon with except for a few glitches it had in the past, it constantly has to renew and raise the bar to keep up with its competitors. Skype has enhanced features like HD video calling conference video calls with up to 5 participants and a audio with greater clarity called Silk. It makes for a better voice and video calling. It offers phone card like calling with skype to go feature, screen sharing, WiFi access and engaging features like Skype prime which gives lessons on anything from languages to relationships. It also has Mac and Linux versions. HdTv’s also come with Skype video calling features now and it goes to say Skype is trying retain its title of the giant with endless possibilities.

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Skype VS ooVoo with Free Group Video Calling

Skype Alternatives has already investigated many Skype Alternatives for free calls and many does not come close to ooVoo, a brand new instant messaging client designed by ooVoo LLC for numerous OSes used by many. (Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X, Android and iOS)

Skype Alternatives noted that users could communicate between each other using ooVoo by manners of instant messaging, voice and video chat; all of them are all very useful. Even those these functions are all available with Skype, Skype Alternatives saw that ooVoo has better picture and video quality available as compared to Skype and has excellent sound quality for it’s free version. This is why it was so good that I chose to switched from Skype to ooVoo in the future for calls with my peers overseas.

In ooVoo, you can call landlines or mobile phones like how a usual telephone device would perform. Just dial the number and viola, you would be in touch with your close ones without much hassle. Skype Alternative noticed that ooVoo offers Worldwide Phone Service meaning you can call to phones from the other side of the Earth, great for companies which are aggressively pursuing globalization. In ooVoo, you can even add your phone participants to your video calls; great for executives who are still on the road to participate and chime in the current meeting.

Skype alternative OOvOO supports up to 6 people conference calls

Skype alternative OOvOO supports up to 6 people conference calls

By using ooVoo, you can have up to six way video calls. This would mean you could have an interactive experience akin to what you are used to when meeting up. This is also very useful for communicating with friends or partners overseas; whenever you have urgent news or have something interesting to share to the whole clique, you can now. What is more is that this function is provided by ooVoo.. completely FREE! You would not have to pay a single cent for 6 way video calls and is perfect for young adults who just want to have a blast with friends. Skype Alternatives know that these functions are available for all OSes that ooVoo provides, meaning even if you have an iPad and are dying to chat with your friends all on Desktop, you certainly can now!

Another fantastic function of ooVoo is the ability to leave video messages. Skype Alternatives tested this function in ooVoo and it worked; our friend Raj certainly received our message to start a video conference! This function is visibly missing in Skype where you would need to download third party software such as Pamela which would be perhaps  be a hassle. A video is provided below would help you in your endeavours to leave video messages.

ooVoo also have Desktop Sharing as seen by Skype Alternatives where an user can share his or her desktop to his or her friends whenever they want to. This would help users who have problems on their computers for other users to help.


Whether it is an adware, malware, bug, Desktop Sharing would allow other users to view their problems. It would also allow people who wants to share certain things on their computer to other users making ooVoo a must have amongst Skype Alternatives.

Other resources:


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Skype Call FaceFlow Claims to be a Skype Killer

Skype Call FaceFlow identified the fact that in recent times, there have been a plethora of Video Calling Applications swarming the market which all have the infamous name of being “Skype Clones”. However, most, if not all of these programs hold a certain advantage over Skype; distinguishing themselves from the competition. Today, we will be talking about FaceFlow, a brand new video calling program tailored to each person’s needs, founded by Dany Pellatier, an aspiring entrepreneur. As such with other video calling business models, its basic backbone would naturally consist of the traditional 2 ways video calls, allowing you and another person to talk face to face. Skype Alternatives tried and tested the program and found it to be excellent compared to Skype. The videos are smooth and beautiful, the sounds clear and crisp and the application easy and simple. You can add your friends, family or clients to your FaceFlow Contacts and whenever they are on-line, you could just click their names and talk to them.

There is also a message box to your right, where you could input messages to them if you do not have a webcam with you. It is very, very simple. And simplicity in this case is not disadvantageous to users at all. The elderlies who is just getting the hang of the Internet would not find this a hassle at all and thus you could reminisce with them whenever, wherever you are.


Skype Alternatives Faceflow has Simplistic Design

Another advantage that Skype Alternatives has observed is that FaceFlow has over other video calling companies is its new 4 way chat. This function would allow up to 4 people to chat to each other at once simultaneously. This is certainly an added plus over the other programs and would make it easier for meetings or discussions to take place. Additionally,  Skype Alternatives could see that their four way chat is also quite lag-less. This exciting function would also include a chat box on your left (as with the 2 person video calling), allowing you to convey messages that you could not on screen, no matter what is the message. You could also stop the conversation if you are stepping out; with just one click of a button without disturbing the other 3 who still wants to communicate.


Skype Alternatives FaceFlow offers 4 way video calling

Another advantage Skype Alternatives recognized is that Faceflow has is that you can watch youtube videos with them while chatting. Simply click on the YOUTUBE icon and start enjoying your favorite comedic web series with your friends or share your baby’s birthday with your parents abroad!

The last advantage and the one that Skype Plugins think matter the most is that this program, FaceFlow, is completely web based with no need to install any buggy programs onto your computer. You can just register on their website and login to talk instantly; without any need of a long download process to bore you out. This would mean users would not need to install programs that would eat up your computer storage space; a niggling problem that Skype Alternatives frown upon. That space could be used to storage other more important things such as your Baby’s Videos or a Family Reunion picture.

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